Fasting Days

There are approximately 160 fasting days prescribed by the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Fasting days are classified as follows:

1) Daily fast – Wednesdays and Fridays. However, there is a dispensation from fasting during the forty days after Easter (until Ascension) and during the octave of the Theophany (January 6-13).

2)The Fast of Great Lent (7 weeks): February 8 – March 26

3) Week-long Fasts. There are ten week-long fasts. These fasts are observed from Monday through Friday, except the fast of Nativity which is a 6-day fast:

Fast of Nativity/Theophany: December 30 – January 4
Fast of the Catechumens: February 6 – 10
Fast of Elijah: June 5 – 9
Fast of our Holy Father St. Gregory the Illuminator: June 26 – 30
Fast of Transfiguration: July 17 – 21
Fast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God: August 7 – 11
Fast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross: September 11 – 15
Fast of the Holy Cross of Varak: September 25 – 29
Fast of Advent: November 20 – 24
Fast of St. Hagop: December 11 – 15


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