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50th Anniversary Of The Western Prelacy – The 50th Anniversary Festivities Of The Western Prelacy Commenced In The Presence Of Around 1000 Faithful

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On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, presided over the Opera-Gala dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Western Prelacy. The event was organized by the Western Prelacy “Satig Der Ohanessian Fund,” and participated by soloists; Berj Kirazian, Natalie Biukians and Armineh Vartanian, and accompanied by musicians Armen Mangasarian (violin,) Ruzanna Sargsian (violin,) Artashes Asatryan (Viola,) Hovik Hovannisian (cello,) Artashes Sinanian (vibraphone,) Armenak Grigorean (bells,) and Emmanuel Hovannisian (Duduk,) under the direction of Mr. Berj Kirazian.

In attendance were H.E. Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian, Prelate of the Eastern Prelacy, and H.E. Archbishop Papken Tcharian, Prelate of Canada, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, H.E. Bishop Mikael Mouradian, Eparch of the Armenian Catholic Eparchy of Our Lady of Nareg in the United States and Canada, Rev. Hendrik Shahnazarian, Interim Minister to the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America, representatives of community organizations, benefactors and the faithful.

Very Rev. Fr. Zareh Sarkissian, Dean of St. Mary’s Armenian Church in Glendale opened the evening and addressed the audience with a welcome speech. Throughout the opera, Archbishop Tanielian and Tcharian delivered their heartfelt remarks, both congratulating the 50th anniversary of the Western Prelacy.

Bishop Donoyan addressed the audience, stating; “We highly appreciate the efforts of all the singers, musicians and volunteers behind the scenes, and invited the faithful by saying: ‘”The Western Prelacy operating under the auspices of the Holy See of Cilicia, is not only a structure and a building, not only an administrative center, but also a mission of faith entrusted to us by our Savior Christ. The Western Prelacy is our churches, but not only in the sense of just a building, but in the sense of its people. The Western Prelacy is our Prelacy schools, but not only as a material value, but also as unique cradles of Armenian education for our students. The Western Prelacy is the headquarters of the Western United States, but not only in terms of its physical building, but also in its service and becoming a bold presence in the life of the nation; thanks to its past merits, present victories and the bright course of its future.”

During his remarks, the Prelate, also highly appreciated all the clergy and faithful parishioners who have contributed on various levels to the establishment, expansion and prosperity of the Western Prelacy. Thereafter, delivered the blessings of H.H. Aram I., Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia, wishing that “the New Year opening before us will provide a new opportunity for our whole community.”

Speaking about the high-quality presentation of the event, Bishop Donoyan said; “We witnessed a fabulous reality this evening. A piece of heaven rested in our soul. Heavenly light shone in our life today and gave new meaning to our lives, it strengthened the faith, hope and love in our souls, so that we could open the New Year 2023 with strong faith, bright hope and love. Today we not only honor and celebrate the birth of our Savior, but also under His light we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Western Prelacy, which as an inspiriting source in the life of the nation, spreads vitality and provides nourishment to everyone from Los Angeles to the entire world.”

In the conclusion of his remarks, the Prelate highly commended the Der Ohanessian family, whom sponsored this event and all cultural events at the Western Prelacy, through the “Satig Der Ohanessian” fund, in memory of their wife and mother, Satig Der Ohanessian. And closed his remarks by stating; “Everyone supports the Artsakh Armenians in their own way, and emphasized that with this event, we express our support to our brothers and sisters in Artsakh.”

The Opera-gala concluded by Berj Kirazian singing “Armenia,” and under the leadership Bishop Donoyan and clergy, the faithful joined in the singing of “Giligia.”

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