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Armenian Teachers Day Celebrated at the Western Prelacy

By May 6, 2022June 4th, 2024No Comments

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, presided over an evening of gratitude and recognition for the 73 Armenian language /studies teachers of our Western Prelacy Schools. In attendance were members of the Religious and Executive Councils, the Board of Regents, Principals and administration members.

In the ambiance of gentle and sweet Armenian melodies, the courtyard of the Prelacy hosted master educators of Armenian language and Armenian subjects, administrators, who all enjoyed a memorable social hour, away from their daily hassles and responsibilities, before entering the Dikran and Zarouhi Der-Ghazarian Hall, where the evening was officially started by the remarks of Prelacy Chancellor Knar Kortoshian, who gave credit for the entirety of the wonderful and unpresented evening to H.G. Torkom Donoyan, Prelate.

On behalf of the Executive Council, Council’s Secretary and liaison to the Board of Regents George Chorbajian gave his remarks at the Celebration of the Teachers day, emphasizing on the tireless work and endless dedication of the Armenian teacher.

Board of Regents president Sarkis Ourfalian, Esq., also congratulated the teachers, recognizing the immense and priceless sacrifice that they have put in motion, citing the importance of their work in keeping the Armenian spirit and character alive in generation after generation of Diaspora. He expressed his gratitude to the Prelate, for organizing the ceremony.

H.G. Bishop Donoyan, Prelate, then took the stage, congratulating and thanking all Armenian language teachers and Armenian subject educators, stating “Usually, Armenian teachers, especially Armenian language teachers are invited to receive the love and respect of the church and the nation. Today, the Prelate invites you to the home of our people, the Prelacy. To our Boards and committees, as well as all who work under our faithful care, I can only say THANK YOU, for not only your knowledge, but also for the part of your being that you generously give like Holy Communion to our students.”

Closing off his speech, H.G. reached out to the Religious and Executive Councils, Board of Regents, and to school administrators to always celebrate and hold high the position and role of the Armenian teacher within the Armenian school, and with worthiness, to raise them up to new levels and challenges.

At the closing of the event, all attending guests joined H.G. Bishop Donoyan and collectively prayed “Wisdom, Father of Jesus” prayer, followed by the song “Giligia” as well as the “Mer Hayrenik” national anthem.
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