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The Western Prelacy Celebrates The Feast Of Ascension With A Divine Liturgy And A Luncheon

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On the morning of Thursday, May 9, 2024, the Western Prelacy celebrated the Feast of Ascension with a Divine Liturgy held at St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church of Glendale. The Divine Liturgy was presided over by H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the United States, and attended by H.E. Archbishop Torkom Donoyan, along with clergy of the Western Prelacy.

On the occasion of the Feast of Ascension, Very Rev. Muron Aznikian, Dean of Holy Cross Armenian Apostolic Church in Montebello, delivered the sermon. Very Rev. Aznikian, on behalf of the Western Prelacy clergy, conveyed his congratulations to H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian on his election as Prelate of the Western Prelacy and wished the clergy of the Western Prelacy, under the leadership of H.E. Archbishop Khacherian, new successes in their nation building and humanitarian mission. Very Rev. Aznikian emphasized the significance of the Feast of Ascension of Jesus Christ as one of the most important celebrations of the Christian faith.

After the Divine Liturgy, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian participated in and presided over a luncheon organized by the Western Prelacy Ladies Auxiliary in celebration of the Feast of Ascension at the prestigious Legacy Banquet Hall in Glendale. This year’s luncheon was generously hosted by Western Prelacy benefactor Mrs. Nune Sepetjian.

The luncheon was attended by Mrs. Dzovig Zetlian, Western Prelacy Executive Council member, along with executive members and representatives from various local and regional organizations, esteemed benefactors of the Western Prelacy, as well as a host of friends and distinguished guests.

Ms. Sossie Geukeuzian, member of the Ladies organizing committee, delivered the welcoming remarks before inviting H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian to bless the tables. Prelate KHacherian led a prayer and with blessed bread brought from St. Mary’s Armenian Church, offered his blessings to approximately two hundred women in attendance.

After the blessing of the tables, H.E. Archbishop Torkom Donoyan was invited to address the attendees. H.E. Archbishop Torkom Donoyan expressed gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated members of the Western Prelacy Ladies Auxiliary and commended the women who had displayed unwavering loyalty and support to humanitarian causes and actively participated in various initiatives during his tenure as Prelate of the Western Prelacy. Through a letter of blessing, H.E. Archbishop Torkom Donoyan acknowledged and recognized Ms. Silva Sayablian, Ms. Dzovig Zetlian, Ms. Marie Babikian, Ms. Carmen Yaralian, and the late Mrs. Mariam Karapetian, for their dedicated service to the Prelacy Ladies Aucilairay. Additionally, Mrs. Nune Sepetjian, the hostess of this year’s luncheon and a longstanding supporter of the Western Prelacy, was honored with a beautiful keepsake and a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation.

The third group of Armenian women, were also recognized with mementos for their generous contributions to the programs and initiatives of the Western Prelacya nd support to the Prelate Donoyan as sisters and mothers. The third group recognized included, Ms. Hasmig Hovaguimian, Ms. Sose Eshgian, Ms. Anahid Baghdadlian Ohanessian, Ms. Elizabeth Boyajian, Dr. Aida Rshdouni Jooharian, Ms. Valantin Sarafian, Ms. Maro Fermanian and Ms. Nvair Samuelian. The last four women, who were not in attendance at the luncheon, will receive their mementos at a later date.

H.E. Torkom Donoyan, recognized and commended the honorees, highlighting their individual unique qualities and attributes. He concluded his remarks with a touch of humor, noting that Armenian women often exhibit greater generosity, attentiveness, and dedication to projects, programs, and initiatives of the Western Prelacy compared to their husbands. H.E. Torkom Donoyan expressed that the more Armenian women are appreciated and recognized, the more impactful their service and contributions are toward our nation, church, and homeland.

In his address, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the United States, shared the historical portrayal and representation of Armenian women and commended their dedication to their families, children, nation, and homeland. He highlighted the inherent maternal qualities of women, expressing confidence in their ability to fulfill important roles and tasks. Additionally, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian shared that traditions are not only part of the past, but remain a significant aspect of society, shaping its daily existence, character, mindset, and overall identity of people.

In his message, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, acknowledged the dedication and eagerness of blessed Armenian women, to actively contribute towards the success and advancement of our collective objectives, cause, and goals, particularly during challenging periods and crises faced by our communities and homeland. Drawing upon his extensive experience and service in Lebanon and Greece, H.E. Archbishop Khacherian expressed his firm belief by stating “I can wholeheartedly confirm that entrusting a task to a woman ensures its successful completion, as woman embody qualities of grace, ability, organization, precision, and meticulousness bestowed by God. The Prelate concluded by noting “Women are the beautiful testament to one of God’s divine manifestations.”

The luncheon’s program included songs accompanied by a guitar by Dikran and Ani Pivazian. The attendees joined in singing harmoniously, enhancing the pleasant atmosphere with beautiful Armenian folk songs in celebration of the Feast of Ascension.

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