New Book by Jacques Hagopian Dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Western Prelacy has published a new book by renowned poet and author Jacques Hagopian title “There is no escaping.” The 140 page book features poetry and prose in two parts. Through commentary on Bible passages and the writings of hymn-writers such as St. Nerses the Graceful, the author addresses and responds to challenges facing man today based on Biblical teachings. The first writing, bearing the book’s title, is a reminder that everyone will be called to give account to God and thus is an invitation for redemption through repentance.

In the Prologue by H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, His Eminence extols Jacques Hagopian, the man, poet, and intellectual, as having a unique and important place in our literary and cultural legacy of the past century with works that celebrate the spirit of our nation and our faith. This latest work is yet another testament of his aptitude and more so of his inspirational faith and trust in God’s judgment, especially at this crossroads of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, writes the Prelate.

In the introduction, titled, “There is no escaping for the Turk”, the author asserts that one hundred years on from the Genocide, the Armenian people will continue to fight for justice and for our rightful demands. There is no escaping God’s judgment; it may come later rather than sooner, but it is certain to come, as sure as the rising of the sun every morning, writes the author, adding that the blood of our martyrs continues to flow today through the ink in our pens, which will not dry up nor dry out until justice is served.

Contact the Prelacy at 818-248-7737 or to purchase a copy.

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