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H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian Presides Over The ARS Regional Executives Dinner At Ararat Home

By June 7, 2024June 10th, 2024No Comments

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 4, 2024, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the United States, presided over a dinner organized by the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Western USA Regional Executive at Ararat Homes “Deukmejian” hall in Mission Hills. The dinner was attended by Mrs. Dzovig Zeitlian, Executive Council member of the Western Prelacy, Mr. Joseph Kanimian, First Vice-Chairperson of the Ararat Home Board of Trustees, Mrs. Vicky Marashlian, Chairperson of the ARS Western USA Regional Executive, along with ARS members, benefactors, friends and guests. H.E. Archbishop Khacherian delivered his prayers and blessed the organizing body and members of the ARS, and subsequently expressed his heartfelt message of appreciation for their dedicated work in providing care for elderly Armenian parents.

H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian emphasized the compassionate and benevolent purpose of the ARS not only within the United States, but also globally, as well as the noble mission of this esteemed women’s organization and their commendable contributions and service that enhance the role of Armenian women, serving as a comforting presence, a blessed hand, for all those in need within our communities, and as a nurturing guardian for the young and old, a trustworthy sister and mother for all the children of our nation.

H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian acknowledged the significant impact Ararat Home has had for the elderly within our community, identifying it as a blessing and valuable asset in providing a safe environment and care our elderly Armenian grandparents. The Prelate offered his prayers and extended heartfelt wishes for health and longevity to all.

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