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The Chairperson Of The Pan Armenian Council Of Western United States Visits The Prelate

By June 3, 2024No Comments

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the United States, was accompanied by Mr. Vahe Hovaguimian, Chairman of the Western Prelacy Executive Council, and Mr. Mher Der Ohanessian, Vice-Chair of the Western Prelacy Executive Council, to graciously welcome a congratulatory visit from the Chairperson of the Pan-Armenian Council of Western United States, Mr. Joseph Kanimian.

Mr. Joseph Kanimian extended his congratulations to H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian on his election as Prelate of the Western Prelacy, and outlined the various programs and inititives undertaken by the Pan-Armenian Council to assist and support Armenian communities and in particular within the Western United States. During the visit, discussions revolved around addressing challenges and difficulties encountered by the Armenian nation.

H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian expressed his gratitude to Mr. Joseph Kanimian for his heartfelt wishes, conveyed his appreciation for the mission of the Pan-Armenian Council of the Western United States, and reaffirmed the Western Prelacy’s unwavering commitment to supporting and collaborating with the Pan-Armenian Council of Western United States.

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