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The Prelate Conducted The Revealing Of The Mural At R. & K. Kapriel Kindergarten-Preschool At Mesrobian Armenian School

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On Thursday, December 15, 2022, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, conducted the revealing of the new mural at R. & K. Kapriel Kindergarten-Preschool at Mesrobian Armenian School in Montebello. In attendance were Very Rev. Fr. Muron Aznikian, Dean of Holy Cross Cathedral, Rev. Fr. Ashod Kambourian, Pastor, Mr. Jack Hadjinian, member of the Executive Council and Mr. Hagop Dikranian, member of the Board of Trustees. The Prelate was welcomed by Mr. David Ghoogasian, Principal of Mesrobian Armenian School.

The Director of the Kindergarten-Preschool, Mrs. Ankin Isgajian and students also welcomed the Prelate by bringing forth salt and bread and leading the entourage towards the playground. At the playground entrance, the Prelate cut a red ribbon that revealed a mural in the playground, which represented the monument of “Mamig and Babig.” The students sang Christmas songs and warmed the hearts of everyone, and Bishop Donoyan participated with the students during the singing of “Silent night.” On this occasion, the Prelate highly commended the Director and teachers of the Kindergarten-Preschool, as well as the students who performed the songs.

Mesrobian Armenian School students performed a short program, which included prayers and poems. In his speech, the Prelate urged the students to pursue values higher than their own and to develop human virtues along with their studies, emphasizing the importance of becoming a good person and having a spirit of service.

A luncheon followed the event, where Mrs. Isgajian delivered her closing remarks and presented Bishop Donoyan with a portrait of Gomdtas Vartabed which was painted by student Anahid Stepanian. The event concluded by singing of “Giligia” and the Prelate’s benediction.

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