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The Prelate Presides Over A Divine Liturgy, Delivers A Sermon And Blesses The Murals At Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church In Encino

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On Sunday, May 12, 2024, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the United States, presided over a Divine Liturgy, delivered a sermon, blessed the ornate murals adoring the Altar at Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church in Encino, and referenced the poignant historic words spoken by the Armenian people to the oppressive Persian King Hazgerd II during the golden age, “Our Father identifies with the Holy Gospel and our mother with the Armenian Apostolic Church.”

Archpriest Fr. Razmig Khatchadourian, Pastor of Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church in Encino, served the Altar, alongside deacons, scribes and the church choir. The Divine Liturgy was attended by community leaders, representatives, benefactors and faithful parishioners.

In his sermon, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian referenced the historical and political context in Armenia during the 5th century, highlighting the enduring impact of certain sayings, events and occurrences that have been handed down through generations as concrete examples and indisputable truths, shaping the spiritual essence and identity of the Armenian homeland and people. H.E. Archbishop Khacherian, emphasized the special reverence the Armenian nation holds for the Holy Bible and the Church, viewing them as the spiritual parents of the Armenian nation. He shared that this manifests the deep-rooted faith and profound understanding that Armenians have towards their Christian beliefs, while reflecting on whether there exists another group of people that regards the Holy Gospel as its paternal figure and the Church as its maternal figure.

In commemoration of Mother’s Day in the United States, H.E. Archbishop Khacherian extended his heartfelt congratulations to Armenian mothers and the Armenian people collectively, emphasizing the deep reverence our people hold for the teachings of God and the Church of Christ. He articulated that the Armenian people view the word of God and the Church as paternal and maternal figures, attributing this belief to the genuine love and respect they hold towards their parents, a sentiment that has been integral in embracing and nurturing the essence of Christianity within our nation.

During the Divine Liturgy, H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian, Prelate and H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian presided over a consecration ceremony and blessed the ornate murals adoring the Altar. These murals were created by the talented artist Mr. Tigran Hovumyan.

After the consecration ceremony, the Prelate made his way to the church hall where he participated in cutting a cake to celebrate his inaugural visit to the Encino community. H.E. Archbishop Kegham Khacherian was showered with sincere and heartfelt congratulations from the large family of parishioners of Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as members and representatives from community organizations, benefactors, and friends.

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